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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • The life of a Med-Tech CTO w/ Jason Kroh, Strados Labs

    The life of a Med-Tech CTO w/ Jason Kroh, Strados Labs

    Joining us for episode #107 was Mr. Jason Kroh, the Chief Technology Officer at Strados Labs. Jason comes to the show with over 25 years of experience in Med-Tech. At the front end of his career he held positions in both Product & Electrical Engineering and began to work his way into Executive leadership roles overseeing R&D, Engineering & eventually becoming a CTO. He’s worked for companies like Vero Biotech, CardioMEMS, & Cybersonics to name a few. Jason has simultaneously been a Panel Reviewer for the National Science Foundation reviewing both Phase I and II SBIR & STTR grant applications. Jason holds his Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering & his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. Since 2018 Jason has been the CTO at Strados Labs. For those unfamiliar with the organization, Strados is home to the world’s only FDA-cleared device called the RESP Biosensor which is clinically validated to capture lung sounds including coughing, wheezing, rhonci & other adventitious breathing sounds over time without requiring episodic patient intervention. This leads to a stronger understanding of treatment response & earlier insight into exacerbations to prevent uncessary hospitalizations…especially for people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD & Ashtma. Some highlights of what we discussed: -How Jason got into Med-Tech -The roles & responsibilities that were pivotal for propelling his career to the Executive level -Making the transition from contributor to leader -How Jason manages the stress of Executive responsibilities & balances with other aspects of life -The difference between average & top performance, especially in Engineering -The future of Cybersecurity in the Medical Device industry ...and so much more!

  • A New-Age Approach to Risk w/ Naveen Agarwal, Founder, Creative Analytics Solutions

    A New-Age Approach to Risk w/ Naveen Agarwal, Founder, Creative Analytics Solutions

    Joining me for episode #106 was Mr. Naveen Agarwal, the Founder at Creative Analytics Solutions. If you’re in Med-Tech, & you browse LinkedIn, chances are you’ve seen some of Naveen’s content, especially centered around Risk. Naveen comes to the show with over 25 years industry experience. He’s worked for well known organizations like Kimberly-Clark as a Research Scientist and for J&J in Business Analytics & Quality Management. Over the last 7 years or so he has led Creative Analytics which is a consulting firm providing Quality Systems expertise to Medical Device organizations through it’s trademarked platform called Exceed Innovative Quality Solutions Platform across 4 broad areas (Customer Experience, Regulatory compliance, Risk Management & Quality Culture) Some of the highlights we discussed: -Biggest pitfalls when it comes to device manufacturers risk management programs -What are some low hanging fruit teams can go after when it comes to improving risk management safeguards? -Regarding the new QMSR , from a risk perspective, what will be the biggest challenges for companies when it comes to implementation ? ...and so much more! Naveen Agarwal on LinkedIn: Naveen's Substack: Creative Analytics Solutions:

  • The Cybersecurity Disruption to Reg Affairs & Quality in Med-Tech w/ Jason Gorman VP RA/QA/Compliance-Propeller Health

    The Cybersecurity Disruption to Reg Affairs & Quality in Med-Tech w/ Jason Gorman VP RA/QA/Compliance-Propeller Health

    Mitch Robbins had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Jason Gorman, the Vice President of Regulatory, Quality & Compliance at Propeller Health for episode #105. Jason comes to us today with over 25 years of experience across the Med-Tech industry. He has a proven track record for developing & implementing Quality Management Systems, Risk Management strategies & Regulatory Compliance processes to meet the highest standards of excellence in customer satisfaction. Prior to working for Propeller Health, Jason spent over a decade working for Accuracy. For those unfamiliar with Propeller Health, now owned by Resmed, it's a precision digital health company on a mission to uplift every person living with chronic disease so they can take control of their health and live a better life. The Propeller Platform includes FDA-cleared & CE Marked medical devices, consumer apps support & coaching and secure access to clinical data for provider monitoring. Some highlights: -Jason's journey into Quality & Regulatory -The evolution of his interest & responsibilities related to privacy & security -Cybersecurity's disruption to Med-Tech in relation MDR & QMSR changes -Jason's prediction for the evolution of Reg Affairs & Quality roles with regards to Cybesecurity -The relationship between Quality Management Systems & Information Security Management Systems -Cybersecurity vs AI....what is the common thread? ...and so much more! Jason Gorman on LinkedIn: Propeller Health on the web:

  • From Full-Time Exec to RA/QA Consulting Firm Owner w/ Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

    From Full-Time Exec to RA/QA Consulting Firm Owner w/ Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

    For this episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor, Founder & Principal of JMT Compliance Consulting. In this episode, we discussed: -Jennifer's transition from corporate to consulting -The challenges and rewards of consulting -The importance of community, and the need for vulnerability and connection in the industry ....and so much more! Takeaways Transitioning from corporate to consulting requires a willingness to embrace uncertainty and risk. Building a community and fostering connections is essential for success in consulting. Being vulnerable and taking risks in reaching out to others can lead to valuable connections and opportunities in the industry. About Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor: Jennifer comes to the show today with over 23 years experience in Med-Tech Regulatory & Quality. Having worked in a variety of different capacities for many organizations…. Companies like J&J, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Outset Medical & GE Healthcare have all been graced by her talents. She’s currently an instructor at UC San Diego & simultaneously runs her consulting practice. Jennifer holds her bachelors of science degree in Physiology/Chemistry & French from Eastern Michigan University & her MBA from the University of Phoenix About JMT Compliance Consulting: JMT Compliance Consulting helps organizations navigate the quality and regulatory landscape providing coaching, mentoring & foundational business support. Where appropriate the team also provides COO & CQRO leadership to support growing businesses.

  • Building an Executive Career in Med-Tech Quality w/ Garth Conrad VP Quality-Flex Health Solutions

    Building an Executive Career in Med-Tech Quality w/ Garth Conrad VP Quality-Flex Health Solutions

    Mitch Robbins had the opportunity to host Mr. Garth Conrad, the VP of Quality for Flex Health Solutions. Garth shares his career journey and insights on leadership and building a strong company culture. He emphasizes the importance of relationships, curiosity, and drive in achieving success. Conrad also highlights the role of mentors and coaches in career development. He discusses the differences between individual contributor and managerial roles, as well as the qualities that separate top performers from the average. Conrad stresses the significance of aligning values, beliefs, and behaviors to create a positive company culture. He encourages professionals to gain experience in different functional areas and to actively solve problems. Near the end of the show Garth humanly shares the vision for the legacy he hopes to leave behind. Takeaways Build strong relationships and value the people you work with Cultivate curiosity and a drive to understand the 'why' behind things Develop leadership skills by managing yourself, then a small team Establish a network of mentors and coaches for guidance and support Focus on making your people successful as a leader Create a positive company culture by aligning values, beliefs, and behaviors Gain experience in different functional areas to broaden your skills Be proactive in solving problems and taking initiative Build leaders within the organization and help others succeed in their careers About Garth Conrad: Mr. Garth Conrad comes to The Med-Tech Talent Lab with almost 25 years of industry experience across Med-Tech. He's worked for a variety of the large strategics like Medtronic, J&J, BD, etc. Garth holds a bachelors of science degree in materials engineering, an MBA, and he is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Garth on LinkedIn: About Flex & Flex Health Solutions: Flex Health Solutions is a division of Flex which is a $30 billion dollar organization with about 170,000 employees worldwide. The company is a global supply chain and manufacturing solutions provider.