S01 E01 - What is mediation?

Mediation - everything you wanted to know by Martin Ellis

A summary explaining what mediation means, how it works and the advantages of using mediation rather than going to court.

Feb 23 2022

What is Mediation?
Mediation is simply where an independent person (the mediator) works with two or more parties to help them resolve a dispute between them. This can be done remotely (online), or face to face.
What can mediation help with?
Mediation can help with disputes where;
• It would be costly and time consuming to use a solicitor and to go to court to resolve a dispute. The most you will pay for a mediation is £445 total, compared to fees of £200 per hour from a solicitor.
• Courts sometimes make decisions which are a surprise given the evidence, so there is no guarantee you will win even with a strong case. Mediation offers the chance of a ‘win-win’ solution, where both sides come out better compared to going to court.
• Confidentiality is valuable to you, where you would prefer t

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