Episode notes
This week we are going to cover the rules for Caylus. Caylus is a game designed by William Attia and is illustrated by Cyril Demaegd, Arnaud Demargd, and Mike Doyle (I). The game is published by Ystari Games.Expansions include Caylus Expansion: The Jeweler (2005). I do not know anything about the expansion.Chapters:00:00 MCG Introduction00:25 Contents01:23 Goal of the Game01:59 Set Up03:31 Game Principles06:19 Conventions06:58 Progression of the Game16:57 Scoring18:50 Royal Favors 23:53 End of the Game24:28 Caylus for Two Players25:05 Simplified Favor (Easier Variant) & Hints29:09 MCG Wrap Up