S01 E13 - Taylor Swift & Taylor's Version: An Intro to Copyright Law

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich
This episode focuses on Copyright law in music and entertainment. John and Eric discuss Taylor Swift's music and the significance of "Taylor's Version" on download and streaming platforms. There is also some time dedicated to John's love of the Insane Clown Posse.First – intro into copyright law – few quick definitions then pull it togeth  ...  See more
Oct 13 2022

John Di Giacomo: Hey everyone, this is John Di Giacomo. And this is the Revision Legal Podcast, May It Please The Internet. And I am joined by my partner Eric Misterovich. Eric, how are you?

Eric Misterovic...: I'm doing well, John. How are you?

John Di Giacomo: I'm good. And today I'm excited to talk about a really exciting subject, Insane Clown Posse. Yeah, I'm down with the Juggalos, down with the clown, so I'm really excited to do a good hour and a half about why the Insane Clown Posse is the greatest rap group that's ever lived. So yeah, I'm glad you guys are tuning in.

Eric Misterovic...: Yeah, don't tempt me with that topic. I could pro

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