S01 E11 - How Do I Talk To An Attorney, How Do I Hire An Attorney, and What Should I Be Asking?

May It Please The Internet by John Di Giacomo & Eric Misterovich
Christopher Carol, Attorney at Revision Legal joins Eric Misterovich to talk about taking the stress away from hiring an attorney. They cover how to know it's time to seek legal assistance, how to go about hiring an attorney, what to ask during the initial meeting, and making your decision. In this episode you will learn how to avoid surp  ...  See more
Sep 22 2022

This is May It Please The Internet, a podcast brought to you by Revision Legal, lawyers who represent businesses that make money online.

Hello, and welcome to May It Please The Internet, Revision Legal's podcast, where we talk all things internet and legal-related. I'm here with Chris Carol today. Chris, how are you?

Hey, Eric. Good. Thanks for having me back on.

Good. Thanks for joining us again. And we have a topic picked out today that isn't necessarily nuts and bolts legal issues. But I think it's something that I run into a lot of times with people on the phone, and that's maybe they've never hired an attorney before and they have questions of, "How do I talk to an attorney? How do I hire an attorney? And what should I be asking?"

Right. It's a lit

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