Number Origami

It’s a Math Math Math World with Divakaran and Shraddha by Radio Azim Premji University

Episode notes

“If I make a paper plane using a piece of paper, and then unfold it, you will be able to fold it exactly as I did because there is a memory of folding left in that piece of paper,” says Prof. Divakaran. But, complains Shraddha, this does not apply to Kanjeevaram sarees! Where she’s going, Shraddha won’t need a saree. A kimono will do just fine. Our friendly mathematics professor and his eager student journey to Japan in their quest to unravel numbers. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is more than an aesthetic pursuit of hobbyists. It packs in its intricate folds many fascinating clues to understanding prime numbers and other mathematical concepts. Previously in this series, we visited ancient Greece, India, Egypt, and Babylon. Queue our past episodes and catch up on the playlist.


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