Our FAVORITE JDM Cars You Don't Know About | S2 ep 5

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Episode notes

Mod Your Car at https://martiniworks.com/ There are A LOT of great JDM cars out there.. But what are our favorites?! Today Alex, Dakota, and Gels sit down to talk about some of the JDM cars you might just be missing out on. Whats your favorite car that you'd love to import? Comment below! #cars #JDM #car #podcast #automotive Need tires? Pick up a set of Continentals from MartiniWorks!: https://bit.ly/3QovlwA Want to support? Subscribing would help a ton🙏: https://bit.ly/44bK2Hh A HUGE thank you to Continental for being the official tire of the MartiniWorks Podcast! Let us know if you need a set. 🏎️Check out the main channel!🏎️: @MartiniWorksOfficial 📦We also h ... 

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