6 Rules for Life, The Delusion of Time & Thoughts on God with Brandt Quick

Published: Jun 17 2021

Brandt Quick is a Fully Integrated Business Coach (FIBC) & Certified Health Coach. He's also CEO & President of BQuick Athletic Development, a health & fitness company, and CEO & President of BQuick Nutrition, maker of natural sports nutrition energy, endurance, and recovery vitamins/supplements, which aim to improve quality of life.

A former Kansas State football player who later transferred to Tulane University, Brandt is currently a triathlete and well-regarded trainer who's competed at very high levels. He brings practical experience & knowledge not just to athletes, clients, and businesses, but also to himself & his coaching colleagues.

In this episode, Brandt & I discuss author Eckhart Tolle, specifically The Power of Now, a book about the power of “living in the present moment” (vs. dwelling on the past or trying to figure out what the future will look like). Brandt believes Tolle's done a great job simplifying concepts so that the lay reader can understand what he’s saying and hopefully implement his ideas in their own life.

We also discuss each of the first 6 rules from Jordan Peterson's book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. For example, I ask Brandt what "Stand up straight with your shoulders back" means to him. This leads to a discussion about dominance hierarchies and how to move up in the "pecking order."

Brandt discusses his Catholic upbringing. He was baptized and confirmed Catholic. He recalls going to church every Sunday as a kid, and thought Catholic mass was the most boring thing in the world. It wasn’t until Brandt went to Jesuit High School in New Orleans that he experienced "an amazing faithful transformation," crediting his Jesuit education for teaching him to be a "free-thinker."

Great conversation with a high-caliber guest. BIG THANKS to Phillip Clement for recommending Brandt. Any expectations far surpassed!

Hope listeners learn as much as I did.