Around the World with Nomad on FIRE

Published: Apr 01 2021

My guest is Eric Richard—he's on the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) path. In July 2019, he quit his full-time job to become a location-independent entrepreneur.

He learned about FIRE in 2015 and immediately began making positive life changes. First thing he got serious about was personal finance. By following the principles of financial independence, he soon had enough savings & investments to leave his job and began living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Dreams do come true!

Eric is also the host of the Nomad on FIRE podcast. On his show, he talks about the digital nomad lifestyle and FI. He interviews digital nomads, early retirees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, world travelers, and many others. Even Man Overseas made an appearance last year!

In this episode, we talk about world travel. Eric has traveled to 16 countries, including Latin America and Southeast Asia, but says he's never touched down in Europe. I advised him to take a train through Europe to double his country-count. But also warn him about how expensive it can get if waits till the last minute to book train tickets.

We also discuss Chiang Mai in-depth. Eric loved how laid back it was. He said living there was easy—super cheap, great food and great co-working spaces setup. He instantly felt like home the first day he walked around.

We also talk about Bali, Indonesia, his last trip before he came back to the US because of COVID.