The Process of Selecting a Learning Platform with Hope Liu

Published: Jul 07 2021

Tune in as Matt Harpold and Jon Aleckson interview Hope Liu, the Senior Director, Organizational Learning for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. The Alliance and its strategic action network of thousands of social sector leaders and partners working to achieve a healthy and equitably society that promotes access, opportunity, and prosperity for all people. We know that systemic inequities, especially based on race, are real and significant barriers to people and communities working to reach their full potential.

Hope Liu discusses how their merger with Council on Accreditation (Alliance- COA) makes for the perfect combination of an organization committed to education and systemic change and an organization like COA that enables the proliferation of best practices and standards for community-based organizations. As the Senior Director for Organizational Learning, Hope details how she selected a learning platform to be the center of the organization's online learning efforts. The Alliance started by insisting on a seamless single sign on experience for users. An older community platform was replaced by the CourseStage learning platform which had extensive authoring and catalog features. Hope Liu provides insight and how they have spread their content influence through the use of micro-sites or sub-portals. This feature allows the Alliance to provide their content to organizations under a co-branded arrangement allowing community-based organization to also do local training in the learning platform.