Allyn Bryce (aka Liquidiot) on The Rug, his contributor journey at Bankless DAO, and personal creative projects in Web3

Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast by BanklessDAO

Episode notes

Today’s guest is Allyn Bryce, known by many (or most) online as Liquidiot. Allyn is man of many talents. He’s a voiceover artist, audio engineer, photographer, video editor, occasional English teacher…. and a father of three.

In web3, he’s using his talents working on media projects at BanklessDAO as well as several spin-offs like The Rug, a web3 satire publication and its sister podcast, Under the Rug. He’s also got a few personal projects brewing.

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03:00 Early days at Bankless DAO

08:15 The Rug

14:00 Making the Weekly Rollup

20:00 Unplugged

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