Ep. 18: Coping with Idaho's Establishment (feat. T.J. Tranchell)Explicit

Published: Sep 17 2020

In my first of two episodes featuring author and teacher T.J. Tranchell (interview begins at 14:09), we talked about how a simple Shawna Robinson 1:64 scale diecast began our respect towards one another. But more importantly, becoming one of my mentors throughout my post-college days where I've learned a lot about how to properly write and understanding how things work out is okay sometimes. This was definitely the case during my time at the University of Idaho when I wrote for The Argonaut from 2015-16. We dove into my troubled past with a sports editor during Fall 2016 that led to one of the reasons why I decided to graduate early. From there, T.J. also discussed about his journey as a media personnel over the past two decades which you'll certainly enjoy. All of that and more on the latest episode of "Behind the Exploratory Lenses."