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Published: Aug 18 2021

Our featured guest today is my cousin Heather Bass. She is the founder and CEO of Beauty Pie Beats an online marketplace for black-owned beauty products. Beauty Pie Beats, sells high quality consumer products that offer mental and emotional health benefits and a spiritual healing moment for women. Mrs. Bass believes that though women naturally use lots of products, self-care and spirituality is paramount when inspiring women to look for products that make the journey easier.

Her love for beauty and cosmetics stem way back to childhood. As a child she would sit for hours watching her ambitious mother provide hairstyling services in their home. As a result of passionately observing her mom, a seed was planted within Heather’s Soul to want to help women feel good about themselves. Subsequently, Heather launched her business “Beauty Pie Beats” in January of 2019.

Notably, the religious faith of her maternal grandmother and mother was the most positive experience in her home environment. Having been raised in the church, she reports taking the gospel message seriously to heart. The gospel taught her that God distributes gifts to men and women. It taught her that everyone has a least one talent, it can be multiplied into other. These were words of purpose and identify to a young girl of humble origins. Throughout her childhood and into adulthood, she kept hitting glass ceilings, those limitations cause her to doubt herself. But the Holy Spirit, working in her, led her to maximize her callings first as an enlisted member of the Navy, then as a mother, a loving wife, an as an innovative entrepreneur. At Beauty Pie Beats Heather provides quality make-up products.

Conversely, makeup should be the mask that reveals you instead of the mask that conceals you. Your face, your mood and your individual style should be the foundation. Makeup can be transformative and bold. It can also be understated and subtle. Makeup should be used to make you feel good, not a way to make other people feel good.

Equally important, it has been proven that good spiritual values are important, as women with a greater sense of meaning in their lives are less likely to have low self-esteem. Furthermore, science suggests the higher one’s worship frequency, the lower the odds of depression, mania, and panic disorders, so, understandably, black women are drawing a new correlation between self-care and spirituality. Beauty Pie Beats is determined to leverage the intersection of where beauty meets spirituality.

Per Heather, “I thank God for giving me this vision and I thank him daily for keeping me. I know that if I keep Him first there is nothing that I can’t do.”

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