Sharpen Your Spiritual Vision

Published: Jun 03 2021

We have all been born “for such a time as this” and we need to open our eyes to the glorious mission that our Father has for us. To go where He wants us to go, say what He wants us to say, do what He wants us to do, and be what He wants us to be.

One caution as we seek to improve our spiritual vision—do not get discouraged. Our vision may be damaged. We may feel we are spiritually blind. We may have even closed our eyes to the vision that God has for us. But if we have been living in darkness, we just need to turn to the light. Just as Christ performed the miracle of helping those physically blind to see, He can help us heal our spiritual eyes so that seeing, we too may believe.

God can help us and lovingly guide us to change our vision and correct our eyes of misunderstanding, anger, hurt, despair, or pain. God can help us change how we see ourselves and how we see others. He can help us see His hand in our lives. And He can help us find our personal mission.