Losing means gaining!

Published: Apr 21 2021

This is so true. Loss does not have to bring us pain for so long. Every time we lose, we gain something. It may take some time, but if we're patient enough, we will reap some gain—usually something meaningful, bigger, and/or greater.

When we are sitting smack in the middle of pain, suffering, anxiousness, uncertainty or loss, it is nearly impossible to see any kind of good. 2020 especially feels like a year of great loss, in so many ways.

There have been jobs, lives and livelihoods lost. We have witnessed immense suffering and despicable indignity. It is more than acceptable to feel broken.

There is another side to this. For lack of a better analogy, what goes down, must ultimately come back up.

There is something to be said for wiping the slate clean. The offer of a fresh start is very liberating. Not being held down by former patterns or beliefs can be beautiful.

We get to find out what we’re made of. There is nothing better than being witness to our own strength, resilience and persistence.

Losing means gaining!