It Takes a Village

Published: Mar 28 2021

It takes a village to raise a child.” This African proverb seems to be even more relevant in 2021, with working parents and single parents (and the accompanying family “busyness” that has become the norm) trying to raise a family.

And yet, even though it seems that the support of a “village” is so desperately needed, it often seems like this concept has somewhat disappeared from our society.

Raising children is a difficult task for which no one is ever completely prepared.

Back in the day you relied on the village for everything: one family was the butcher, one was the doctor, one the baker, etc. You cared and respected everyone because with a reliance on everyone in the village, you couldn’t risk harming or disrespecting anyone. Your village was just as important as those living in your house.

Find your village, let them help you and most important: let them help in raising your children.