Secure by Design - Building Safe Applications with Ben Denkers

Logically Speaking by Logically

Episode notes

Insights from a DevSecOps expert in the field

In this episode of Logically Speaking, Steven Rivera, Chief Revenue Officer of Logically, speaks with Ben Denkers, Chief Services Officer at Qwiet AI, about the importance of DevSecOps and its differences from traditional DevOps. They also discuss how the integration of AI can help in identifying pre-zero day vulnerabilities and the top three AppSec challenges that companies need to prioritize.Key takeaways:

  • DevSecOps is a critical approach that prioritizes security in the software development lifecycle

  • The integration of AI can help in identifying pre-zero-day vulnerabilities that may have gone unnoticed otherwise

  • The top three AppSec challenges for companies to prioritize are vulnerability management, secure coding practices, and thr ... 

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