Episode 29 - Callum Davies

Local Legends in Running by Oli Jones

Episode notes

Today in episode 29, I interview Brisbane runner, Callum Davies. Cal has got to be an elite Australian runner to watch. Only in his early 20s, he is still massively on the race, particularly in the events between the 1500m and 5k. Attending Villanova College as a boy, Cal was a strong runner in school, but certainly not breaking records. After his first few years of leaving school, he dropped his 1500m by over 10 seconds to hitting low 3:40s. He can now run as fast as 3:37 in the 1500m, 3:56 in the mile, sub 8 in the 3000 and 14:11 in the 5k. Having an exercise science background, it was also very insightful to discuss all things training and technique with Cal as he opens up about his upbringing and experiences as now a Puma sponsored athlete