Living the dream with African American fantasy author Pamela Lawson

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A Talladega, Alabama native, Pamela Lawson received her BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. After threatening to write a book for twenty plus years, Pamela finally did so, with Rise of the Ravenisha being her maiden novel. The second book, Rogue Ravenisha is complete, and there are plans for a third installment, tentatively titled Revenge of the Ravenisha. Pamela lives in Northern California with her two felines, Ferg and Nikos and rides horses every chance she gets.

Pamela never thought she would embark on a career change at age 55, but that's exactly what she did. She wrote Rise of the Ravenisha, a novel about werepanthers, female warriors, sisterhood and revenge. The story, set in Ravenswood, Alabama, weaves Black women, the paranormal, and horseback riding together. Pamela was a weird Black girl before the term was coined. She believes ... 

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