Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 55 MADELINE GONZALEZ

Live Courageously with John Duffy by John Duffy

Episode notes
Madeline Gonzalez serves as the dedicated Operations Chief for SERT Ministries working nonstop to facilitate the rescue of men, women and children out of trapped situations worldwide. She uses her background as a Dispatcher to work closely with federal, local and international strategic partners, her SERT Operators and families in crisis who reach out needing help in times of their distress. Madeline's advocacy for exploited children has been measured by hands on efforts with her team across North America, Central and South America, East Africa, Asia, and most recently she has deployed on fourteen trips to Ukraine during the war receiving honors for her commitment to the Spirit of Freedom against the Russian aggression. Madeline says she loves to do whatever it takes to help people turn their nightmares into fairytales.