Season 2 Episode 6 - Supreme Court Review, Jurisdiction, and Bad Legal Defenses

Lex Rex Institute Podcast by Lex Rex Institute

Episode notes
In this episode, we bring you up to speed on a couple of important happenings at the Supreme Court, including a retrospective on the COVID-era of emergency powers and the Court's divided response to a key commerce clause case. After that, we give you a glimpse at the always thrilling, never confusing world of legal jurisdiction.Finally, we return once again to Captain Kangaroo Court, where David tests Alexander's knowledge of some of the most, uh, "creative" legal strategies around.
  • 0:03:00 - Arizona v. Mayorkas
  • 0:14:10 - National Pork Producers Council v. Ross
  • 0:39:20 - varieties of jurisdiction in American law
  • 1:04:00 - Captain Kangaroo Court
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