The Season 2 Finale!

Let's Make Work Human by Moe Carrick & Mei Ratz

Episode notes
In this podcast episode, we reflect on some of the tough conversations we had with guests throughout Season 2, including discussions on racism, emergency preparedness, and the future of HR. We discuss the challenges of leadership and the importance of finding support, especially in the context of remote work. We talk about some of our main takeaways from season two and discuss some hard questions about where to start and where we all agree about work. Let’s face it, work is work after all, but we remain convinced that making it work for humans matters for all of us.Today on Let’s Make Work Human
  • Where to start with culture change
  • Thoughts on hiring and trusting outside help (not easy but so important)
  • Is leadership the most lonely job?
  • What discussions from this whole season were at times hard to swall ... 
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