18: The Social Scripts We Inherit & Maternal Exceptionalism with Erin Lane

Let It Matter Podcast by Kelly Wolfe

Episode notes

In this episode, Kelly Wolfe is joined by writer and theologian, Erin Lane, to discuss themes from her recent book Someone Other Than A Mother, like:

  1. the social scripts & messaging we hear in the Church and in American culture about the virtues of motherhood, its inevitability, and the stigma of remaining childfree

  2. learning to exercise agency over our choices and defy social scripts, while recognizing how they are still present

  3. what to do when motherhood is already your reality but it is not the fulfilling, blissful experience the social scripts and narratives promised

  4. how to combat feelings of inferiority or comparison with other women who have made different choices

Guest Bio: Erin S. Lane is a writer, theologian, and someone other than a mother. She is the author of ... 

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