38: Faith Exploration: The Episcopal Church with Rev. Catherine Thompson

Let It Matter Podcast by Kelly Wolfe

Episode notes

In this episode, host Kelly Wolfe is joined by Episcopal priest -- and former rector of Kelly's local parish church -- Rev. Catherine Thompson to explore various aspects of the Episcopal church like:

  • The origins of the Church of England, the Anglican Communion, and the Episcopal Church in the US

  • The differences between the Episcopal Church and the ACNA (Anglican Church in North America)

  • The theological beliefs and practices in the categories of: God, mankind (LGBTQIA+ affirmation, egalitarianism, social justice issues, etc.), sin/salvation, heaven/hell, prayer, church polity/governance, sacraments & gatherings, the Bible, and more!

To watch/listen to Mother Catherine's first appearance on the Let It Matter Blog during the Women of Valor series where we discuss Priscilla (and Paul/wom ... 

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