37: Women, the Bible, & the Early Church with Nijay Gupta

Let It Matter Podcast by Kelly Wolfe

Episode notes

In this episode, host Kelly Wolfe is joined by scholar and professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, Nijay Gupta (DPhil) to discuss themes from his book Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church, in particular:

  • looking closer into the three main issues (used by those seeking to uphold or defend complementarianism/patriarchy) that come from Genesis 1-3: the created order, the use of the word "helper", and the fall/curses

  • looking at the broader context of the Roman world -- Roman households, social & socioeconomic dynamics, gender roles, etc. -- which is the backdrop to the New Testament and has a huge influence on what is written in there, and which we are too far removed from today to know instinctually

  • comparing the narrative + the greeting/commendati ... 

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