E28 English Vocabulary: Uses of Phrasal Verbs and Nouns - Blow Up, Out, Through and On

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Episode notes

🤔Feeling confused about the many meanings of "blow" in English? Struggling with the phrasal verbs "blow on", "blow through", "blow down", "blow on"? Do you know the different meanings of the verbal "blowout" and how it differs from the phrasal verb version "blow out"?

🎧On today's episode of the Learn English Podcast, we dive deep into the details of English vocabulary, focusing on the multifaceted word "blow." As you may know, English is full of words that can be used in various ways, making understanding the language a challenging. But fear not! We're here to help you with the nuances and provide you with practical examples to enhance your understanding. Navigating the complexities of English vocabulary, especially phrasal verbs like "blow," requires exposure and practice. Remember, context is key! The more you engage with these wor ... 

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