E24 Five Movie Recommendations to Help Improve Your English and Celebrate BMH

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Episode notes

📽️Need some movie recommendations to increase your English input and improve your speaking ability? We got you covered! Watching movies in English is a great way to get exposure to the language and help improve your listening skills, vocabulary and pronunciation. Not only do you get to listen to native speakers, but you can also be exposed to the written language if you watch with subtitles.

✨In this episode, we give you five compelling films to watch and use on your English journey. But these aren't just any films; they are a celebration of Black History Month, each offering a unique perspective on the African American experience in the United States.

🍿This selection of films spans decades, genres, and narratives, but they all share a common thread of resilience and triumph over adversity. Dive into the captivating tales of cou ... 

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