E21 English Vocabulary: How to Talk About Illness Like a Native English Speaker

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Episode notes

🌡️ Ever feel awful and struggle to explain it? Are you unsure if you should say "I don't feel good" or "I feel unwell"? Confused why we say "have a cold" but "am nauseous"? You're not alone!

😷 This video will help you learn everything you need to talk about sickness in English. We'll break down the rules and turn you into a pro at explaining your aches and pains, even when you're feeling like a total mess. We discuss the difference between stomach symptoms and respiratory symptoms, and how to format your sentences when you are describing how to you feel.

🤒 Learn how to use common English idioms like "catch a bug", "green around the gills", "death warmed over", and more! Use the English vocabulary you need so you can sound like a native speaker! 💫

💊Whether you're "battling a bug" or "feeling a bit off", this video is your ... 

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