E16 American Culture: Exploring Christmas Traditions in the United States

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Episode notes

🎄Craving a warm holiday atmosphere and festive joy? We got you covered because today we're taking a closer look at American Christmas traditions. Christmas, celebrated on December 25th annually, holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. In the U.S., it isn't just another holiday; it's a cultural experience that's marked by a distinct set of customs and practices. Join me as we explore the unique customs and practices that make Christmas the biggest celebration of the year. 🎅

Do you know what a "stocking stuffer" is? Ever hung up garland inside your house? Do you know the who you are supposed to give a Christmas gift and who you aren't? In our final Christmas episode of the year, we give you insights into how Americans truly embrace the holiday spirit. From stockings to Christmas trees and lawn decorations, you'll learn all about t ... 

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