E11 Special Drinks to Celebrate the Holidays

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Episode notes

🍂 It is officially the "holiday season" in the United States, that time period from Halloween to New Year's where the weather gets cold outside and people are in a festive mood. Part of the way to celebrate the season is with drinks that you will only find this time of year. What drinks to American's love to get into the fall and winter mood?

On this episode of the Learn English podcast, we discuss four of the iconic seasonal drinks in the United States. From the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte to the heartwarming Apple Cider, we're uncovering the traditions and flavors that define the holiday season. Learn about the origins, ingredients, and cultural significance of these beverages, offering not just a language lesson but a taste of American holiday traditions. Cheers to seasonal sips and improving your English language skills! 🥂

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