E5 English Vocabulary: How to Use the Word "Dude" Like an American

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Episode notes

American's use a lot of informal language with each other. We can't help it, it's in our nature. One of the most common slang words used between American's is "dude" because its just so universal. From disbelief and astonishment to skepticism and amusement, "dude" can be used to express almost any emotion. So how can you use it correctly and speak like a native? When should you use it and when shouldn't you? When someone calls you "dude", is that a good or a bad thing? And how did we all start using this word anyways? In today's episode, we talk all about the word "dude". Learn about the history of the word, when to use the word "dude", and the multiple meanings of the phrase, "dude seriously?!?". Learn how to incorporate "dude" seamlessly into your conversations, how to pronounce it in different ways to express different emotions, and how to sou ... 

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