In the Lap of the Pods (Queen podcast)

with David Moody, Paul Moody, Joe McGlynn

In the Lap of the Pods is a podcast which disusses all 14 studio albums of Queen in turn, from Queen to Innuendo. The team comprises three Glaswegians Paul Moody, David Moody and Joe McGlynn who are passionate about Queen and feel that this wonderful band's music should be discussed more. We set out to chat about each album, giving our honest opinions on the music and how it affects us personally. We give praise to the the four geniuses that are John, Roger, Brian and Freddie but we also stick the boot in when it is required; they don't get any free passes! We hope that you get something out of listening to this podcast series, we certainly have fun making them. You don't have to agree with us, we often don't agree with each other! Please join the dicsussion on Twitter and Facebook @lappods. Thank you for listening and helping us celebrate this truly amazing band.