S03 E07 - OVERNIGHT OPINIONS: World Economic Forum Davos 2023

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Jan 22 2023

The freak show that is the World Economic Forum held their annual meeting in Davos last week. Unless you live under a rock, you probably have heard about this group of elitists- you’ve at least heard Alex Jones rant and rave about them. They are the richest, most privileged, and powerful individuals in the world. They live at the highest echelon of society, run in circles, and enjoy luxury you can’t even imagine.
Just take it from former Secretary of State John Kerry who opened up the conference by saying that those in attendance at Davos are special and savior like - just listen:
SOT: John Kerry
Was that ideology a part of your whole Skull & Bones initiation or hazing. Who the !@#$ thinks like that?
This gathering of saviors has been taking place since the 70s… bu

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