S03 E06 - BROAD THINKING - Why Do Politicians Love Rappers?

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Jan 17 2023

BROAD THINKING: Why Do Politicians Love Rappers?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf pardoned rapper Meek Mill for a 2008 drugs and weapons charge. He served time for it in 2017.

Wow, that was important. Inflation and crumbling economy - but please go ahead and pardon a rapper.The guy doesn’t need it, he’s doing fine.

The dude has amassed a small fortune of $3 million and an Instagram following of more than 23 million. He’ll be just fine without that pardon, Governor Wolf.

All the people that need a pardon or clemency or to have either sentence overturned and this guy gets one. Politicians only serve the rich and famous. He probably just wanted a future campaign donation or autograph. We have an unbalanced criminal justice system that needs correction - but this isn’t solving it. It’s ju

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