S02 E261 - Around the Newsroom in 80 Seconds - September 28, 2022 Is HR 1111 a United Nations Takeover?

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Sep 28 2022

Do you know about HR 1111? It establishes a Department of Peacebuilding inside the executive branch. One of the bill's many findings includes a passage on the prevalence of gun violence in the U.S.This has led many to believe HR1111 will somehow try to confiscate firearms. Another passage has many concerned that the bill will allow for a United Nations takeover. This new peacemaking agency will create 7 departments - including the Arms Control and Disarmament. They are charged to “assist countries , international agencies, and nongovernmental organizations in assessing the locations of the buildup of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction;”

HR 1111 was introduced by Democrat Representative Barbara Lee from California and it has 30 cosponsors. It was introduced i

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