S02 E259 - Around the Newsroom in 80 Seconds - September 27, 2022 Is the IRS Being Used to Sidestep the Posse Comitatus Act?

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Sep 27 2022

Is the expansion of the IRS being used to sidestep the posse comitatus act? This act was enacted in 1878. Essentially, it forbids the government from using the armed forces to enforce domestic laws. This law has exceptions - most notably for insurrections. It allows the government to use the armed forces to suppress a rebellion. Although posse comitatus hasn’t been used to combat an insurrection - yet- some believe the U.S. is preparing for one. Talk show host Dave Hodges has hypothesized that’s the real reason behind doubling the size of the IRS. Since the military can’t be used for now, these agents - many of whom are armed- will be used as proxy. Allowing them essentially be a ghost military force in the U.S. disguised as mere administrative revenue officers.

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