Kiss And Tell with Sofie Dossi and Kyla Kenedy

by Sofie Dossi

Sofie FINALLY decides to KISS and TELL after years of being a very private person. Not only does she reveal some of her own personal juicy news, she dishes about the latest rumors of the trendiest people on the Hollywood scene.  Join Sofie with her friend and co-host, actress Kyla Kenedy, as they expose the truth behind the gossip headlines of some of the hottest news in the lives of young Hollywood.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Jordan Matter's Unbelievable Story

    Jordan Matter's Unbelievable Story

    This week on Kiss and Tell with Sofie Dossi and Kyla Kenedy we had on a very good friend of ours, Jordan Matter. He's both a very successful photographer and YouTuber who you may know from his 10 minute challenges or thumbnails that always include Sofie Dossi in one way or another. (haha) In this episode we talk about many interesting topics, but eventually Jordan opens up about his first kiss story, which is absolutely shocking to say the least.

  • Commitment Issues

    Commitment Issues

    Welcome back to Kiss And Tell the Podcast! This week Kyla and I talked about our commitment issues and other pressing topics like fake people and getting a hamster.

  • JXDN Gets Personal


    JXDN Gets Personal


    JXDN sits down for an intimate episode of Kiss And Tell with Sofie and Kyla. We talked about his influence and inspiration in rock music, how he deals with drama, and life before fame.

  • Kyo Cyr and His Many Women

    Kyo Cyr and His Many Women

    Welcome back to the second episode of Kiss and Tell!! This week we talked to our good friend Kio Cyr about dating advice. We also spilled some tea about who he's dated and girls he's been seen with. Comment down below your favorite part of the episode and who you want us to do a podcast with next!

  • Awkward First Kiss Stories

    Awkward First Kiss Stories

    Welcome to the first episode of the Kiss and Tell Podcast with Sofie Dossi, joined by my co-host, Kyla Kennedy! Thanks for coming along with me on this journey, we're gonna have a lot of fun spilling tea and talking over other peoples love lives in the next episodes.