President Donald Trump speaks about the Durham Report with former Fox News host Dan Bongino

Kingdom Radio by Ron Robey

Episode notes

Here's a glimpse of what we now know about the President Donald Trump Russia collusion. #DonaldTrump #TrumpNews #DurhamReport *** Please "Like and Subscribe" our content *** Journalism should take a pause today. Yesterday, John Durham, special prosecutor to look into the FBI investigation into Donald Trump, released his report to the public at 4pm. The gist? The FBI never should have launched a Trump-Russia probe. The report puts the very faith and confidence in the FBI and the justice system into question at the upper most echelons. Going further, the report says that the Department of Justice and the FBI failed to uphold their mission. And finally, the FBI used the power of its office to interfere in a presidential election.People at the very top of the FBI and government wanted to believe Donald Trump was a Russian spy and they went far above  ... 

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