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Holy 3|Pastor Dave|"Unholy god" Wk#3

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Episode notes

Repetition. When we want to memorize something, we’ll say it over and over. When we want to emphasize something, we’ll speak of it frequently. When we want someone to remember something, we will admonish them continuously. Repetition is not just a tactic we employ in our modern day but was a mechanism of Biblical writers to do exactly what we use repetition to do: make something important, impactful, and memorable. It was the Prophet Isaiah who would write the words in his description of what he saw the Seraphim speak about God. “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory!” Notice the word used three times. It isn’t “love, love, love” or “good, good, good” but “holy, holy, holy.” To repeat these words is to say that God is most holy. Totally holy. Completely holy. Unwaveringly holy. Utterly holy. And what we  ... 

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