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Chapter 2|Pastor Jeff|"We all need somebody-Living together in community" Wk8

Kfirst by Kalamazoo First

Episode notes

Do you remember when you first started reading “chapter books”? It was that transition in growth when you moved from picture books to a simple story line to a narrative that was a bit more complex that it needed chapters to separate the tale into incremental bits so that the reader can take in all that the story provided. Chapters helped us the reader step into the journey the author intended to lead us into. This is how we view the life that Christ has called us into. So if salvation is “chapter 1” of our new journey in Christ, then “chapter 2” is our next step in spiritual formation. In our next series, we are wanting to help encourage Kfirst to look to step forward into a new chapter of their own growth (discipleship) in Jesus. If we want to be a people to want to “be with Jesus so that we can become like Jesus,” then we need to look for a nex ... 

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