The Story of (Your) Life // The Story of Who You Are - Part II

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Episode notes
Kyle Kauffman | May 7 2023 Part of what it means to be human is have a body. God designed us not simply to be spirits but to have flesh and blood. Our bodies are an integral part of who we are and how God intends us to live. In the 21st century we have a tendency to either overemphasize or deemphasize our bodies. Sometimes we overemphasize our bodies by thinking that what’s on the outside is what gives us value and worth. Therefore, the youngest, most beautiful, and athletic are seen as more valuable than others. But we also tend to deemphasize our bodies. Whether it’s in ignoring the limits we have as embodied creatures or in seeking to change our biology, we try to push back against God’s design for us that is communicated through our bodies. Christians believe that humans are both body and soul and so the body matters, but it’s a ...   ...  Read more