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Episode notes

Kyle Kauffman | Jan. 15 2023

One of the things we can’t escape as we read through the Psalm is how honest and raw the psalmists are in their worship of God. They lay before God their struggles, doubts, difficulties, pains and more. And they lay these things bare before other people as well. It’s so easy for us to hide what is really happening within us in our hearts either from God (who already knows) or from other people. The Psalmist’s show us that glorifying God is not putting on a nice face and act, but rather it’s found in wrestling with the difficult and painful realities of life in God’s presence. We glorify God by laying our hearts bare before him and walking with him through the painful, discouraging, and overwhelming moments of our lives. We also glorify God as we share our struggles with others and invite them in to support, enc ... 

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