Zechariah: Visions of a King // The Exalted King

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Episode notes

Kyle Kauffman | Dec. 18 2022

Where is this story headed? It’s a question we all wonder whether it’s in reading a book or watching a movie, or in thinking about our own lives, or in thinking about the whole world and all of history. Zechariah 14 gives a picture of where the story is headed. It’s headed to the place where our King reigns over his people in a perfect paradise. That’s how the story ends/begins. That doesn’t mean our king isn’t currently reigning, it’s just that we are still waiting for the full results and revealing of his reign as King. In the meantime we are called to live as those who submit our lives to his reign. We do this as we trust and worship him through whatever comes our way, and we do this as we seek to obey him in every area of our lives.