The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom - Episode 3: "Connecting IT and OT: Navigating the Digital Divide"

The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom by Infosec K2K Ltd.

Episode notes

In Episode 3 of our Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom, we shift our focus to the critical importance of securing OT (Operational Technology) environments in cybersecurity. Join us as we welcome Kevin Kumpf, OT Strategist at Cyolo, to explore why securing OT systems is crucial in today's digital landscape.

Discover the unique challenges and risks associated with OT security and learn why bridging the gap between IT and OT is essential for comprehensive cybersecurity. Kevin shares insights on navigating the complexities of securing OT environments, highlighting strategies for mitigating threats and enhancing resilience.

Tune in to learn why securing your OT environment is more important than ever, and gain valuable insights from Cyolo's OT Strategist on how to protect your digital kingdom effectively.

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