Kassi & Maribel Rivera Talk About Building Safe Communities

Kassi & .... by Kassi Burns

Episode notes

In this tech podcast, Kassi Burns, an attorney and co-founder of All Your Data, welcomes back Maribel Rivera, founder of Maribel Rivera Marketing and Event Services. Maribel plays a key role in the eDiscovery world, working closely with ACEDS, Women in eDiscovery, and UF Law Ediscovery Project. Kassi & Maribel discuss the reports of misconduct at Legal Week and other industry events and the actions being taken to address the issue. They emphasize the need for accountability and the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment in the legal tech industry. They also highlight the role of AI in promoting better human behavior and the need for leaders to prioritize the well-being of their people. The conversation concludes with a call to continue the conversation and work towards meaningful progress.

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