S01 E12 - Open Calls about Pork Tenderloins, Haywards & Antoinnes on the Boulevard

Kansas City Food Memories by Robert Duensing
Hosts Robert Duensing and Toby Tobin were joined by brother Mark Tobin. We take a full hours of calls from listeners about their favorite memories of Antoines on the Boulevard, Pauls Drive In and Haywards among others. We also talk about your chance to bring history alive.
Apr 01 2023

Thank you for choosing to listen to episode number 12 of Kansas City Food Memories.
We've now reached an even dozen shows, test a lot of different formats, and I think we're
finally going to find our groove and figure out what our mission in life will be.
Today's show, I have Toby Tobin, my guest host, joined by his brother Mark Tobin, which
had a few pretty good stories himself, and myself, Robert Dunson, with best regards.
Now remember, this is a recorded podcast version of a live radio show, so when we give the
phone number, do not call in.
When we give the email address, you can do that and send in information to help us improve
the show and become a part of the process.
But you'll like it today, we talked about Antoine's on the Boulevard, Paul's Drive-In,
Pork Tenderloins, and an inte

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