S01 E15 - Shadow CEO by Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
On this broadcast, Joshua discusses Shadow CEO, a new program he is offering, and dives into more about the Media Company in A Box, the Membership Consulting program, future technologies, and what to expect as an entrepreneur or business owner in the 4th Industrial Revolution! This is as fun of an episode can be discussing business and th  ...  See more
Nov 29 2022

00:01 Welcome everyone. My name is Joshua and I cannot wait to introduce to you the multimedia Shadow CEO. I almost wanna say Shadow CEO in a box [removed], but that's not what this is.
00:16 Now, before I get into Media Company in a box and shadow CEO because they do work together or they can work independently, pretty much like everything that I offer.
00:29 And now I'm an example of a media company in a box. And what I want to show you is what that looks like.
00:37 So right now we have my new website. I love it. One of the things that you'll see is video, audio articles, apparel, and non-profit media.
00:46 This is a link to the foundation that I run with my wife. It's a non-profit media organization and everything that I do independently, all the profits that come from that go to fund

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