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Welcome to The Joanne Oswell Jones Podcast.

I'm a mother, an author, a former naturopathic iridologist, a natural health and healing specialist, and a mentor specialising in personal development, emotional healing, positive mental attitude and mindset, manifestation and personal growth. ​

​I have worked as a clinician in two of my privately run natural healing, self-help and personal growth practices which off ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Finding My Purpose in Sobriety with Tim Lodgen


    Finding My Purpose in Sobriety with Tim Lodgen


    Mindset, belief, and the power within are the key attributes that will help you to overcome challenges, adversities, the dark night of the soul and everything that seems to be impossible. It's those attributes that shone through when Tim Lodgen needed them the most. Tapping into every last ounce of strength within enabled Tim to overcome the most horrific twenty-seven years of his life. Twenty-seven years of alcohol and drug addiction, suicidal thoughts and several suicide attempts, depression, hopelessness and bipolar disorder. At his lowest point, Tim decided to tap into the truth and magnificence of who he really is and transform his life beyond what anyone could have imagined. During our conversation in this episode we discuss: Tim's formative years and the emotional trauma that manifested within him as a result of his parent's divorce and how this narrative shaped his reality and belief about himself. Joining the US Marines - the endurance of physical, mental and emotional psychological mind training. Being discharged and dealing with PTSD, feeling lost and longing for a purpose. The onset of alcohol and drug addiction, escapism, loneliness, and despair. Praying and asking for signs and guidance and a way out. The amazing experience of recovery, rehabilitation, self-empowerment and learning to love and believe again. Hope, support, and paying it forward for humanity and his partnerships: Rockstar - love and light to the world. Non-profit support for mental health and addiction recovery. The Overwatch Collective. Non-profit for 1st responders, military & families, awareness for PTS, suicide, normalize mental health. To connect and reach out to Tim you'll find him at:

  • Mastering Old Earth with Joanne Honey Thomas and Conversations with Heaven

    Mastering Old Earth with Joanne Honey Thomas and Conversations with Heaven

    Joining me today is Joanne Honey Thomas, the author of Mastering Old Earth. Jo is a QHHT Practitioner. QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a technique founded by the infamous Dolores Cannon who was known for her work as a renowned regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher who recorded "lost knowledge" During channelling sessions, and in conversation with heaven, Jo was instructed by her subconscious to write "Mastering Old Earth" which is a manual and guide written to help those navigate the challenging time ahead and find themselves on old earth after "The Event". Mastering Old Earth is a challenging and fascinating read that I highly recommend to everyone who has an interest in understanding more about the experiences and challenges we are all facing here on Earth at this present time and what lies ahead for us as humanity. Episode Resources: If you'd like to find out more about Mastering Old Earth and read the PDF version you'll find all the information you need in the Old Earth Facebook group below so please just click on the link to be guided to the PDF. To listen to the many channelled QHHT sessions done by Jo and her colleagues that have been recorded on so many of life's different subjects! Subjects such as Real perspectives on our life contracts here on earth, Climate change, Mask wearing, Gaia's life contract, illnesses, healing, and so much more! You'll be able to access all of these sessions on her youtube channel. So, tune in and enjoy!

  • Navigating Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury and Near Total Disability - With Laura Bruno

    Navigating Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury and Near Total Disability - With Laura Bruno

    In 1998 Laura Bruno suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car crash which left her with near total disability for four years. It was during this time that Laura's life changed beyond what she could ever imagine. Despite her initial resistance to welcoming the new life that was calling her Laura found herself immersed in learning a new language and way of being, which was using the power of her mind, body and soul to heal herself and others. A fascinating conversation in which we discuss: How our challenges become our gifts in life. The role of diet for healing our physical body from illness, disease, and imbalances and how diet can help us to connect with our truth. Practical applications to help you to tune into your inner wisdom, the divine within you, your own super-intelligence so that you can live the life you are destined for. The serenity prayer. Animal communication. Astrology - Is there really "free will" in the lives that we lead here on earth. Carl Jung - "Free will" - "is doing gladly and freely that which one must do" and so much more! Where to find Laura: If you would like to reach out to Laura for a one-to-one session or to learn more about her work you can find her contact details at: Where to find me: I hope you'll enjoy this episode.

  • Self-Help Techniques that Help You to Navigate Challenges Successfully - with Joanne

    Self-Help Techniques that Help You to Navigate Challenges Successfully - with Joanne

    Earlier this week I was working with a client who is going through some serious personal growth and who is learning to overcome challenges and stress whilst in the middle of matrimonial legal proceedings. During our work together we were mapping out various self-empowerment techniques which I share in today's episode. We all experience times in our lives when we feel we can't cope with the task ahead, or we succumb to fear by listening to our false self (ego) which lives in fear more often than not and is the part of our personality that doesn't like nor want us to grow! The Awakened Woman's Essential Steps to Personal Empowerment are techniques that enable you to face all manner of challenges, stress and adversity with clarity, calm, determination, positivity and strength. Self-help protocols such as personal accountability, determining your outcome, short-term goal setting, asking for help, looking for a win-win outcome, and taking an inventory of your emotions. Episode Information: The Awakened Woman's Six Essential Steps - Personal Empowerment Techniques The Emotional Scale - Higher Vibrational thoughts The Emotional Scale - Low Vibrational thoughts Love and Fear. If you have any questions about today's episode or you'd like to connect with me please reach out to me via my website: or you can find me on my Instagram

  • Caring for your Health and Creating True Wellness with Homeopathy and Reiki - With Sarah Rose

    Caring for your Health and Creating True Wellness with Homeopathy and Reiki - With Sarah Rose

    Wouldn't you agree that we all want to experience vibrant health, we all want to enjoy optimum health throughout our lives so that we can live our lives feeling full of energy, joy and joie de vivre? Sarah Rose, founder of Sarah Rose Holistic Health has a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to optimize physical and emotional well-being for you, your children, your loved ones and your family! Using Homeopathy and Reiki Sarah's focus is to create a bespoke and personalised health care package so that your body can heal, re-balance and rejuvenate resulting in the brilliant health you deserve. In this episode we discuss: -How homeopathy works, where it originates from and how it heals the body on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. -Emotional intelligence and how the body communicates with us to get our attention in order to heal and restore balance. -Energy healing with Reiki and how this universal healing can help to release trauma and suppressed illness and emotions. -Physical symptoms that can be healed with both homeopathy and Reiki. -Natural facelifts and much more! How to get in touch with Sarah: You can connect with Sarah via her social media platforms and website. If you have any questions regarding how homeopathy and Reiki can heal your body she'll be happy to chat with you. Her work is international and you can book an appointment via her website. Instagram - FaceBook - Website - Where to find me: My Instagram - For further information, to listen to other episodes via my website or on apple and Spotify podcasts