Debunking Excuses People Give to Put Off Starting BJJ

Jiu Jitsu Junction Podcast by Andre Hansel

Episode notes
  • In episode 3 of the Jiu Jitsu Junction podcast, Andre and Chase discuss the excuses that people give that stop people from starting in BJJ.The excuses discussed in this episode are listed below:
  • I am too out of shape or overweight to start BJJ
  • I am too big for BJJ
  • I am too small for BJJ
  • I am too old for BJJ
  • I am too old to become good at BJJ
  • I don't want to compete in BJJ
  • BJJ is too dangerous 8. BJJ is too gross
  • BJJ is too claustrophobic
  • BJJ has too much mat disease and sickness risk
  • Co-ed BJJ training is awkward or makes me uncomfortable
  • I am too busy to train BJJ
  • It is too expensive to train BJJ
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