S2E12 All New Wolverine and Fantastic Four

Jav & Charles Talk Comics by Charles Herring & Javier Gonzalez

Episode notes

In this episode Jav & Charles jump into the wayback machine and talk about a comic that debuted over a decade before they were born but had a serious impact on their nerdy boyhoods and adulthoods. The original 10 issues of the Fantastic Four plus issues 48-50 the Galactus arc. Even for a comic of its time they both liked it a lot. They also talked about All New Wolverine, an arc where Laura Kinney takes the Wolverine mantle over Logan’s dead body (cause he died, get it?). This was a great run where we get to meet the young lady who’s going to rival Gwenpool for Charles’ favorite new character of the 2000s Gaby.

All New Wolverine Written by Tom Taylor Art by David Lopez

Fantastic Four Writer & Editor Stan Lee Artist & Co-Plotter Jack Kirby

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